Mary Jane (Minnie) Bailey

Minnie Bailey



At time of 1911 Census

At the age of she lived with her husband Adam Henry (Harry) Gibson and their young family at 30 Hollybank Avenue. (View 1911 Census). Her husband was a great friend to her brother William George and they had built two houses side-by-side at the end of two avenues, Hollybank and Cherryfield. Before that they had lived side-by-side at two houses on Temple Road. 


Chronology of Events

Born 14 Feb 1867 with name on birth cert as Jane Bailey. Referred to as Mary Jane on the 1911 census and commonly known as Minnie.



Where she lived

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tn_Cherrywood Ave Gate tn_Cherrywood Ave Gate2  tn_Cherrywood Ave Gate3 tn_Cherrywood Ave Gate4 tn_Cherrywood Ave Gate5 tn_Cherrywood Ave Gone


Series of photos taken in 2009. 30 Hollybank Avenue had been demolished and a small housing estate built on it. It was at the end of the Avenue and joined 30 Cherryfield Avenue, yet the houses were accessed from different roads. The photos show what may have been the original entrance on the Cherryfield side and the new houses that are now there.