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Percy Bailey



Age 24


Organization Chart


At time of 1911 Census

At the age of 13 he lived at 30 Cherryfield Avenue. (View 1911 Census).


Chronology of Events

Born in 1899, the eldest son of William George Bailey and Florence Wood

Married Eileen Pickering 1923

Went to fight in the Great War 1914-1918 and although he survived the war, he never fully recovered after the war from TB.

Died in 1926 from TB


Resided at

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Cherryfield House at 30 Cherryfield Avenue


30 Cherryfield Avenue was at the end of the Avenue and joined 30 Hollybank Avenue, yet the houses were accessed from different roads. This photo was taken in 2009 and it appears that the two original houses have been demolised and a set of smaller modern houses built in their place.




Other Photos/Material relating to Percy Bailey

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          Photo of Percy, Age 3 with older sister Lilian, younger brother Victor, mother and father


         Photo of Percy as a young boy with sister Lilian


        Photo of Percy (holding Cup) with 3 brothers and 2 cousins


      Marriage notice in Irish Times of Percy Bailey to Eileen Pickering 14 Sep 1923


  Photo of Percy wedding to Eileen Pickering and photo of Percy in War Uniform