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Percy Russell Wood

Stage Name – Raymond Percy

1902 -




Birth Certificate

Born in Newry, 1902

Babtismal Record


Marriage Certificate




1880 US Census


1900 US Census


1901 Irish Census


1910 US Census


1911 Irish Census

Aged 9, parents both dead, living with Aunt at small boarding school run by Aunt Gertrude Russell

1920 US Census


1930 US Census


1940 US Census


Death Certificate


Death Notice


Death Certificate for Spouse


Death Certificates for unmarried children


Newspaper Clippings

16 pages of Irish Times articles for Raymond Percy Actor 1933 – 1951, including one meeting with An Taoiseach



Proof that Raymond Percy is Percy Russell Wood based on place and DOB



eMail from Jonathan Bailey 11/10/12


Here is my (childnood) recollection of Percy Wood.

We lived in 24 Rathdown Park in Terenure, a house once owned by a family called Shaw, who had panelled the hall and stairs in wood creating a very 'grand' aura. the first room on the left hand side was a small living room - The Den. It had a drop leaf dining table, easy chairs and an open coal/wood/peat fireplace which made it a wonderfully warm and cosy room in winter (no central heating!). It was where we lived most of the time.

Sometimes, after supper, bathed and in the PJs ready for bed, I was allowed stay up until Dad's cousin - Raymond Percy - arrived. I remember a dark haired, thickset man with a tense manner who really came to talk to Dad. I have the impression that Granny Heaney was not around, and I suspect that she and my Mum did not really approve of Raymond P. I think he moved in theatrical circles in Dublin, led a batchelor life and was far removed from the Bailey model of life of the 3 brothers (Dad, WG and Victor). I recall him coming in the evenings/at night when I was excited at this exotic visitor. When packed off to bed, he and Dad would talk on in the Den till late. He arrived and left on foot. I think Dad was fond of him but I never recall him at any family gatherings or events. Not to say he was not there but the nightime visits to Rathdown Park are what I recall. Do I imagine he was in some way mixed up with the Abbey/Gate theatrical world of the 1950s/1960s?

Those are my memories of him, as a child 5 to 10 or so.

Hope that helps!


PS. wonder if the 'Raymond' was a stage name and did he use the Wood surname or not???