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Charlotte Elizabeth Bailey



Birth Certificate

None 1863 -  Irish Birth cert records started 1864.

Babtismal Record

None found. Possibly check St Peters Parish, Aungier Street where she was married.

Marriage Certificate

1878 - Marriage Certificate for Charlotte Elizabeth Bailey to James George Smith, 1878 – St Peters Parish, Dublin


William – Mar 1880


Oliver – 25 Dec 1883

Walter J




1880 US Census


1900 US Census

1900 Census Record for a Charlotte Smith and James Smith and children. Living in Philadelphia. Had 7 children, 5 still living.

1901 Irish Census


1910 US Census


1920 US Census


1930 US Census


1940 US Census


Death Certificate

Died 1908

Death Notice

Mt Vernon Cemetry – Death Notice for Charlotte Elizabeth 1908

Death Certificate for Spouse

Death Certificate of James Smith 1907  (I don’t think this is James George Smith, but a James S Smith also with a father called William Smith orginally from Ireland.)


Death Certificates for unmarried children

Mt Vernon Cemetry – Death Notice of Charlotte ‘ Lottie’ Smith 1901 – daughter to Charlotte Elizabeth.






Facts (last updated 19/9/11)

In Nov 1862 William Bailey and Maria Gurd were married in Stradbally Church. Living in Dublin and before the birth of Minnie in 1867 and William George in 1868 they had their first daughter Charlotte Elizabeth around 1863. At the age of 16 Charlotte met and fell in love with 22 year old James Smith. Their relationship was not accepted by their parents but before they left for America, they married at the COI church in the parish of St Peter. This Church was closed in 1950 and later demolished in 1980. Shortly after their marriage they left for America in 1879 where she gave birth to a son as early as March 1880 whom she named after her father William. In the June 1880 census for Philadelphia William is recorded as 3 months old. James is working as a Hotel Porter and they have married in this same year 1880. Charlotte’s occupation in this census is recorded as ‘keeping house'.  In the 1900 Census, 20 years later, James worked as a Hotel Steward and they had had 7 children of which 5 were still alive and living with them at No 1539 on 10th West Street PA, a house which they rented. Their children were Oliver who was 16 at the time and worked as an Office Messenger, whilst Walter and Marie aged 10 and 7 respectively were at school and the youngest Irene was aged 3. Two other children had died by this time in Jan 1900. On Apr 29 1901 her eldest daughter Charlotte who was unmarried died and was buried 3 days later on 2nd May at Mt Vernon Cemetery. They were living at that time at 1125 Columbia Ave. Six years later her husband James died on 24th July 1907 at 5pm. His doctor had seen him that day. He died from Pulmonary Tuberculosis a condition he had for 3 years. At the time of his death they were living at 5263 Chestnut St in the 27th Ward. He was buried 3 days later on July 27th at Mt Vernon Cemetery, where Georgiana Emma Barrymore, mother of Lionel and John Barrymore is also buried.  One month later Charlotte contracted the same illness and 6 months later at 6am on 12th February 1908 she died from the same condition. She had been seen by her doctor the day before. Five days later she was buried at Mt Vernon Cemetery, presumably beside her husband and perhaps three of her children who had already died.. At the time of her death she was living as a Widow at 1449 North 7th Street. During her life she may have returned to Dublin with her son Oliver, for Oliver was to be left an instruction from his Grandfather William Bailey to receive payment of 15 pounds each year for 10 years to be paid by his Uncle and Auntie in Dublin, William George and Minnie. This instruction was left in his grandfathers will. His grandfather William Bailey was to die in April 1911.



The remarkable thing about Charlottes life is it was never talked about by the generation that followed her in Dublin. In effect her younger brother William George may never have talked about his older sister in America to his son Victor, or if Victor did know about her, then he never talked about his Auntie in America to his son Ivor.  She was only discovered by me when reference was made to Oliver Smith in her father William’s will back in Ireland. On this discovery in 1994 the only surviving niece of this ‘unknown daughter’ was Gladys White who was now aged 90+. She could not remember her name but she did verify that her mother Minnie had talked of an older sister who had met a man in Dublin when she was very young, and that the relationship was not approved of and so she had left for America and lived in Philadelphia. Gladys knew that ‘this sister of her Mums’ had had children but did not know any of their names. She thought that she may have returned once to Ireland with some or all of her children.



Notes re proof of dates.

Charlottes date on her Death cert may be wrong by two years. 1865 instead of 1863, or the date on the 1900 Census is wrong 1863 instead of 1865. I think it is more likely it is correct in 1900 when she was alive, but that her surviving children got her date of birth wrong for the Death Certificate. If she was born in 1863 this would explain why I can’t find her Birth Certificate as records only exist from 1864.




Where she lived

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1863 (circa) Born at 87 Camden Street, Dublin

1878 - At time of marriage lived at 22 York Street (Marriage Cert). York Street was at the end of the road to the COI church where she married.

Moved to USA around 16 years old

1901 – Lived at 1125 Columbia Avenue (at time of daughter Charlotte ‘Lottie’s’ death)

1908 – Lived at 1449 North 7th Street, Philadelphia (at time of her death)




Site and streetscape of what is left at 1449 North 7th Street, Philadelphia (Photo 2008)