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Oliver Bailey Smith



Birth Certificate

Born 25 December 1883

Babtismal Record


Marriage Index

Married Jennie Kenworthy in 1906. Photo of Oliver and Jenny in 1948 at Mission San Juan Capistrano in southern California


Wescott J  - 23 Jan 1912. Died Sep 1969

Mildred A  - 27 Oct 1915. Died 29 Mar 1990

Oliver Bailey Jnr – 4 Jun 1918. Died 9 Mar 1996

1880 US Census


1900 US Census

Aged 16 living at 1539 10th West, with parents, brother Walter (10), sisters Charlotte (18), Marie (7) and Irene (3). Working as Office Messenger.

1901 Irish Census


1910 US Census

Aged 26 living at 1600 16th Sydenham, with wife Jennie, sisters Marie(17) & Irene(13) and young brother Elwyn(7). Working in Automobile industry.

1911 Irish Census

1920 US Census

Aged 36 living at 1013 Rockland St, with wife Jennie, children Wescott (8), Mildred(4) and Oliver Jnr(1), and younger brother Elwyn (17). Working in Garage shop.

1930 US Census

Aged 46 living at ?, with wife Jennie, children Westcott (18), Mildred (14) and Oliver Jnr (11). Worker in Aircraft plant.

1940 US Census

Aged 56, with wife Jennie and child Oliver Jnr (21)

Death Certificate

Aged 89, died in Dec 1972, living at Bucks, PA, Zip 19007 as recorded in U.S. Social Security Death Index.

Death Notice


Death Certificate for Spouse


Will & Probate


World War I Enlist

Aged 34 living at 1013 Rockland St - Enlisted 12 Sep 1918, working as a Gas Engine Expert, self employed in Smith & Troy

World War II Enlist

Aged 58 living at Bath Rd, Bristol, Bucks, PA – Enlisted 27 Apr 1942, working at Fleetwings Inc

Newspaper clippings


Photo Album

1912-1924 Photo Album of Oliver Bailey Snr sent to me in 2012 by his granddaughter, Shelly Pontius


Folklore memories

“Grandpa Smith would rotate between my Dad, Wes and Mildred quarterly as he had no home of his own back east after Jenny died.  I always had to give up my room to him when he had his 4 months in San Diego.  I do remember how much he loved his Nat King Cole records.  Jenny died rather young from Dimentia and was actually in an asylum. Got a call from my cousin Gary Smith last night.  He did remember that Oliver Sr. worked in the very early 1900’s as a cheauffer/driver for a family by the name of “Potts” in Pennsylvania. ” – Shelley, granddaugther (2011)


“One of the best memories of my grandfather was his love of "baseball" and the two of us listening to games on the radio when they were not being televised.  Although this may disappoint you, he never discussed his parents or travels to Ireland with me personally.  Rather, he reminisced about his days of playing some role in promoting automobile races. During his extended visits to our home, he smoked his pipe each day and walked our neighborhood.  We shared a mutual affinity for automobiles and I enjoyed hearing the stories of racing legends such as Ralph De Palma and Barney Olfield along with stories of the original boardwalk speedways constructed of wooden planking.” – Jeff , grandson (2011) 


I do believe that James and Charlotte did visit Ireland with Oliver when he was just a young boy.  I recall my grandfather telling me about a conversation with his grandfather whereupon he asked him "Why do you smoke clay pipes grandfather?"  and the response from his grandfather was "So that when I drop them, I don't have to bend over and pick them up.”  - I was surprised at the evidence of enlistment by Oliver Sr. in the armed forces during the two wars.   He would have been too old to serve in WWII.  He was at that time employed by Fleetwings Aircraft Manufacturing and as such deferred from military service.  By the way he was not an engineer but worked in the shipping department.  My father Westcott and Shelley's father Oliver also worked at Fleetwings.  Shelley's dad was in the US Army during WWII and his service took him from France through Czechoslovakia to Austria. - Attached is a photo of Oliver and Jenny Smith taken sometime in 1948 at Mission San Juan Capistrano in southern California.  At the time we lived in La Mesa, a suburb of San Diego and just down the street from dad's brother Oliver.  My grandparents had just moved west after grandpop had retired. - Both my mother Ann and Shelley's mom Jean grew up on neighboring farms in Bristol, Bucks County and, just happened to marry the two Smith brothers. - I do remember Elwyn, grandpop's brother.  He owned an auto repair garage in the Bristol, PA area.  And, he had a son named Elwyn too. ”  – Dave, grandson (2011)



Other Photos


Oliver is top left. (Photo taken in 1933)



Photo taken at Bass Rocks 1912. This photo found in records for Oliver, so this could be Baby Westcott, born 1912 with Olivers wife Jenny. .     


Death Notice for Jenny ‘Kenworthy’  - Olivers wife


This photo found with other old family photos. This could be a workplace of Olivers. It is known he worked at Fleetwings Aircraft plant.