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Margaret Evelyn Crowe



Description: tn_Mary Eveline CroweDescription: C:\Users\stephen\Documents\FilingCabinet\Personal\Ancestry\swbailey1965\photos\Victor & Eveline Bailey 1928.jpgDescription: Evelyn Bailey

Birth Certificate

Born at Gortletttaragh, Mohill in 22 April 1898, she was born and christened Margaret Crowe on her birth certificate, but she was always known as Evelyn throughout her life.

Babtismal Record


Marriage Certificate

1928 Marriage to Victor Bailey on 19 Sep 1928 at Brighton Road Methodist Church, Rathgar



1880 US Census


1900 US Census


1901 Irish Census


1910 US Census


1911 Irish Census

At the age of 12 she was at Masonic Boarding School at Merrion Road on the night of the 1911 Census. Her sister Florrie is also at boarding school on that night. Her younger siblings are at the family home in Mohill. Her mother Margaret had remarried John Cairns after the death of her father John Crowe. John Cairns had moved into the family home belonging to John Crowe and Margaret Culhane.  See 1911 Census for Evelyn’s younger sisters and brother.  

1920 US Census


1930 US Census


1940 US Census


Death Certificate

Death Notice

Died age 98 in 1996.

Death Certificate for Spouse


Will & Probate


Death Certificates for unmarried children


Newspaper clippings




Lived at

Born at Gortletttaragh, Mohill in 1898

Lived with Uncle Bill Crowe at Wyvern House in Dublin after her father died

37 Fortfield Terrace from 1928 - 1934

116 Rathfarnham Road from 1934 – 1950

118 Rathfarnham Road from 1950 – 1954

100 Rathdown Park from 1954 –

15a Crannagh Road from 19??

Harcourt Street Nursing home from where she died in 1996



Description: tn_Wyvern House - Home of William Crowe            Evelyn Crowe lived at Wyvern House with her Uncle in Dublin, after her father John Crowe died at a young age


Description: tn_Evelyn Ivor John Bailey            Evelyn with her two sons Ivor and John at Ivors house at 18 Westbourne Road, Terenure


Description: tn_Victor%20&%20Eveline%20Bailey%201928                          Wedding photo of Evelyn Crowe and Victor Bailey