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  Jane Cranwill remarried Mr Johnson and had children Henry Johnson who married Eliza Hollingsworth and also possibly a child called Bessy          
  Entries above John Tackerberry and Jane Cranwill are from Hollingsworth notes            
  Headshot - John Cranwill Tackaberry - from Old Sand Street Book                        
  Fossey Tackaberry                                
  Died 2 Jun 1847 - Calendar of Wills                            
  References to Fossey's life in the Memorial of Rev.William Crook - Book held at National Library (lr92-c239)                
  Eliza Johnson                                
  Harriet Tackaberry nee Pedlow                              
  Died 16 Jul 1865 at Sligo - Calendar of Wills                            
  Harriet Pedlow                                
  John Cranwill Tackaberry                              
  Died 9 May 1852 - Old Sand Street Book                            
  Sarah L Tackaberry nee Tieman                              
  Died 1901 - Death Notice New York Times                            
  Died 1901 - Report on Smallpox deaths - New York Times